AirBolt is the smart lock for your luggage

Forget about keys and remembering your combination to your lock, with AirBolt you’ll only need your smartphone. It’s a smart lock designed for luggage. It can be unlocked with the push of a botton as soon as you’re close to the lock, or with a password.

If your bag gets stolen or if you lose it, there’s a built-in GPS that will help you locate it. You can even set off an alarm, either automatically when the luggage is to far away from you or manually.

But what if you lose your phone, or if it runs out of battery? AirBolt has a safety feature that allows you to unlock it with a botton combination or with another device. You can also let a friend unlock it from somewhere else in the world.

The AirBolt is now up on Kickstarter. With 39 days to go, it has already reached 87 percent of its goal of $50 000 AUD.