Circle With Disney helps parents control their children’s screen time

A new device from Memory lets you monitor what your kids do with their smartphones. It’s called Circle With Disney and is now on sale for $99. It connects to your Wifi network, and gives you control over the kids internet access. You can see what kind of apps they’re using and how much time they spend on them. It also let’s you limit the number of hours they use specific apps, or even the time they use their devices. Circle can also paus the Wifi for as long as you want to.

Memory, the company behind the device, tried to fund Circle through Kickstarter a couple of years ago. But the crowdfunding campaign failed, and Memory startade a partnership with Disney instead.

Circle is controlled via an app, in which you get access to your kids’ internet usage. As of now, it’s only available for IOS-devices, but Memory is working on an Android version. It is to be released in 2016. Circle is limited to your house’s Wifi, but Memory is also working on Circle With Disney Go, which will let you control and monitor your children’s devices even outside your home.