Google OnHub is the smart router that finds the best option for your WiFi

Google presented its new router earlier this week. The OnHub is developed in collaboration with TP-Link, and is supposed to help you get a better WiFi-experience. It’s designed to look good enough to be placed in the open, where the router performs its best.

OnHub searches and selects the best channel for your connection, and can change it to get the fastest one. You can also prioritize a device, like the Apple TV when you’re streaming a movie. The router is controlled by an app, and from there you can also share the networks password to your guests and see how much bandwidth your devices are using.

Google’s OnHub s available for pre-orders to the US and Canada for $200, and shipping will begin on the 31st of August. There’s no information yet about OnHub reaching the rest of the World later, but we’ll keep you updated on that.