Here are Googles new smartphones Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

Google did not only present two Chromescasts at their fall event, but also two new smartphones.

Nexus 5X was developed in collaboration with LG, and has a 5.2 LED-display with Gorilla Glass 3 and 1080×1920 resolution. Its main camera takes photos in 12.3 megapixel, videos in 4K and has Sony Laser autofocus. The front-facing camera is 5 megapixel.

On the inside is a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor of 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM and a 2,700mAh battery with Quick Charge-technology. When it comes to internal storage, you can choose between 16 GB and 32 GB.

The Nexus 6P from Huawei is the bigger of the two. It has a 5.7 AMOLED-display with Gorilla Glass 4, and 1440×2560 resolution. It uses the same main camera as Nexus 5X, but has a better front-facing camera of 8 megapixel.

This phone is also more powerful, and uses an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor (2.0GHz) and a 3,450mAh battery, also with Quick Charge. The bigger smartphone also has more internal storage to choose from. It comes with 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB.

Both phones have USB-C ports, and nano-SIM slots. They hit shelves at the end of October. Nexus 5X will cost $379 or $429 depending on internal storage, and Nexus 6P will be $499, $549 or $649.