Toyrobot Gemini can play, dance and fight

Sure, RC robot are fun to play with for a while, but after some time you just want to battle. Gemini is, like the name suggests, a robot with dual personalities. It’s a playful and kind toy part of the time and a vicious fighter rest of the time. You can arm it with LED turrets and battle your friends Geminis.

The small robot is controlled via an app that’s compatible with IOS and Android devices. It can balance on its two wheels, or drive around horizontally while in battle mode. Gemini as LED details with adjustable colors, and a range of facial expressions. It is connected via Wi-fi to your phone or tablet, and you can record and play voice messages from the robot.

Makeblock, the company behind the robot, has launched a Kickstarter campaign in hope of raising $100 000 to fund the project.